Project Overview

The proposed Fort Hamer Bridge will have access provided via two existing connector roadways: Upper Manatee River Road from the south and Fort Hamer Road from the north. Upper Manatee River Road connects the proposed bridge to SR 64 and Rye Road. Fort Hamer Road connects the proposed bridge to US 301 and CR 675.

The Fort Hamer Bridge will include approximately 2,200 linear feet of two-lane bridge with 10-foot shoulder/auxiliary lanes on each side of the travel lanes and a five-foot sidewalk on one side of the bridge. The navigational clearance for the bridge over the Manatee River will be approximately 27 feet above mean high water. Below is an engineering rendering of the proposed bridge.

Updated: Fort Hamer Bridge simulation, looking southeast from Fort Hamer Park

Fort Hamer Bridge view from Waterlefe Community