Manatee County is constructing the Fort Hamer Bridge that extends approximately 2,300 feet across the Manatee River and connects Upper Manatee River Road (UMRR) with Fort Hamer Road. UMRR and Fort Hamer Road will undergo functional improvements. All three projects span a total length of approximately 5.5 miles. The cost for all three projects is $32,690,155.48.


Fort Hamer Bridge:

New construction of a two lane bridge

Bike lanes and improved shoulders

Sidewalk on the east side of the bridge

Approaches to the bridge include turn lanes, sidewalks, shoulders, roadway lighting and signalization on the south approach

Upper Manatee River Road and Fort Hamer Road:

Construction of additional sidewalk on the west side of the road

Addition of 4’ paved bike lanes and 4’grass shoulder on the east and west side of the road

Addition of right and left turn lanes at each intersection

Milling and resurfacing the existing pavement

Widening Fort Hamer Road from 22’ to 24’

Quick Facts:

Construction Start: March 2015

Anticipated Completion: Early 2017

Contractor: Johnson Brothers

Construction Cost:

Fort Hamer Bridge: $23,495,567.48

Upper Manatee River Road:  $2,704,568.42

Fort Hamer Road: $6,490,019.58